We are Alice Woods, Lucy Ironmonger, Tasha Carter and Steffi Allatt (Blasha & Allatt), bringing house, techno and obscene amounts of glitter to Manchester dance floors.

We believe in a Berlin manifesto: leave your high heels and troubles at the door, you came in here to dance.

Meat Free crew from left to right - Alice, Tasha, [Xosar!], Lucy and Steffi
Meat Free crew from left to right – Alice, Tasha, [Xosar!], Lucy and Steffi

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One quarter of Manchester’s female collective Meat Free, Alice Woods an be found playing house through to techno and back to disco. From Warehouse Project to Field Maneuvers, Pangaea Festival and Parklife – Alice has DJed alongside the likes of Steffi, Ben Sims, Randomer and Objekt. When not in front of the decks, aalice has appeared as speaker on a number of panels from Simple Things, AVA to Radio 1 and  is curator of electronic music discussion series FLOOR.

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Lucy Ironmonger is fondly referred to as the ‘jazzy house’ one of Meat Free. Through drumming she’s developed a lot of love for music using real instrument samples, and as a DJ she likes to incorporate less-quantised, more experimental tracks into her sets. As the proud owner of a 303 she does however have a penchant for acid, gritty, lo-fi sounds and is partial to the heavier stuff too (aren’t we all?). Lucy is lucky enough to have a music-related dayjob working at the School of Electronic Music helping people learn to produce and perform electronic music, which means a lot of exposure to emerging artists on the Manchester scene. Through the Salford Girls Club KMAH radio show she’s also discovered a love for basically nattering to people on air. 

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Natasha Carter and Steffi Allatt have been DJing together for the last five years supporting the likes of Function, Boris, AnD and Martyn along the way. In October 2016 they were both invited to play the Machine Takeover of Boiler Room in London alongside Ben Sims, Kirk Degiorgio & Randomer. More recently, they have been signed to Orchid agency and DJ globally.