Woah, our t-shirts have been flying out!

The Design

…is a homage to good old Salford, immortalising the brick tower opposite The White Hotel which we found out is being knocked down soon 🙁

Massive shout out to @mevs82 for his design of the t-shirt, it’s quality!! You can check out his work here.

January 11th 2018 Update on T-Shirts, Totes and Jumpers!


Are still available to order – they’re £7, plus £3 postage (or you can collect free from Salford M7 or at our next Meat Free event!

To order the tote, please send the monies inc. postage (if needed) to on PayPal, send it via ‘friends and family’.

T-Shirts and Jumpers:

We are getting another t-shirt reprint soon! If you want to express an interest in buying one, please fill out the contact form below so we have an idea of numbers and sizes to print. When we are ready to print, we will contact you to confirm and get payment from you if you still want one.

T-shirts are £20 per item and just come in black. Jumpers are £30 per item and come in black or grey. Postage would be the same as above, £3 or collect free from M7 / next Meat Free event, so for example – 1 t-shirt and 1 jumper delivered would be £20 + £30 + £3 = £53.