With a career, style (and energy) that’s simply impossible to define – we pulled together some essential listening that touches on the diversity and versatility of Steffi’s sound. Here’s just a little taste of some of that magic before we welcome her AND Virginia (dreams do come true) to Meat Free on Friday 26 July.

This incredible 9hr B2B (made available by the De School archive) with our very own Blasha&Allatt acts as a small trinket of the special relationship that Meat Free has enjoyed with Steffi for many years and is surely up there on your homework listening list! 

Volley 5 –  from Onmi (Blue Hour Music) a recent deep and hypnotic cut a standout track from a banging compilation. Proving Steffi’s continued prowess when it comes to getting techno just right. 

Although not one of her own, we couldn’t miss out mentioning Steffi’s Dolly TS series – and who better to represent it than another Meat Free alumni Rosati. Not that we’d expect anything less, but the Dolly TS series is going from strength to strength, having produced nothing but bangers – definitely not to be slept on! 

A hauntingly beautiful release from 2022 The Red Hunter once again proved Steffi’s versatility and command of evoking emotion through her music. One to lose yourself to…

One to take you right back, the smoothest of deep house from way back in 2010 released on Ostgut Ton. 

It was impossible not to include, will it ever not be cool?

Bringing Techno to Manchester. Democratising dancefloors.