Meat Free aims to create a respectful, open minded and loving space where people feel able to express themselves on our dance floor without fear or worry. We feel truly lucky that over the last ten years Meat Free has been recognised as a warm, welcoming space for everyone. Despite ⅔ of us in Meat Free being queer, we never set out to solely be a queer party but have always prided ourselves on attracting a beautiful mix of people who have felt free to be themselves. But, we also recognise that we need to put measures in place to keep that sacred, so we hope the following document helps you to continue to feel safe and free in our space. 

This document is a guideline, it should change as we learn and grow. It should tell you what you can expect from Meat Free and what we expect from anyone that attends one of our events: 

  • Continuous Feedback: We see our safer space policy as ever evolving; we will constantly review our processes with every event. There is a feedback form for each event which can be accessed here. Please feel free to let us know anything that is / isn’t working. All feedback will be reviewed and if feasible implemented going forward. We, the Meat Free team, are also continuously trying to educate ourselves on relevant social issues that people from all communities, particularly those that are marginalised on and off the dance floor. We value any feedback or constructive criticism. Please also feel free to get in touch directly on email or instagram if you feel the need to do so
  • Ethos: Meat Free is a space for everyone to dance, have fun and exist without any judgement from others. Please be mindful that your attendance as a privileged person may be unsettling to others who are occupying the dance floor, so keep this in mind at all times and consider how you conduct yourself. Please also consider taking the time to educate yourself on the hardships marginalised communities face on a day-to-day basis. This knowledge will give you a better understanding of the partygoers you’ll be sharing the dancefloor with.
  • No Photo Policy: There is a strict no photo policy at The White Hotel and your phone camera will be covered on entry. We want partygoers to fully immerse themselves in the clubbing experience without fear of having their privacy taken away. Occasionally, we may or may not have an in-house photographer who will be capturing shots on the night but only for people that have consented. If you change your mind, consent can be withdrawn at any time. Just email or DM us.
  • Dress Code: We want you to express yourself in any way you deem fit. Whether that’s with your clothes on, off, in fetish wear or casual. There are no expectations. The only advice we give is dress to sweat!
  • 21+ policy: For similar reasons that we have added extra support for bouncers and door staff at the entrance, we have implemented a 21+ policy. Manchester has a huge student and transient population, meaning that there are many under 21s attempting to access parties across the city without any real interest or understanding of the spaces. We also of course recognise that many of our audience (regulars or not) are younger, and we would never want to exclude anyone under a blanket rule. So any under 21s that want to attend, just need to complete this form (at least a week ahead) of each event.
  • Zero-Tolerance to Assault & Harassment:  This means no unwanted touching, including hugs, so please make sure you have consent before engaging in any physical contact with someone. This also means no wolf whistling or catcalling, and no inappropriate sexual comments or sexually based jokes, songs or taunts. If you see partygoers in revealing outfits or bare clothed this is not an invitation to negatively comment or touch them without their consent. No Means No.
  • Tolerance: Racism, as well as ageism, homophobia, sexism, transphobia, ableism or prejudice based on ethnicity, nationality, class, gender, gender presentation, language ability, asylum status or religious affiliation will not be tolerated and you will be dealt accordingly and asked to leave the space.
  • Safer Space Guarantee: We can’t guarantee our space will ever be 100% safe, but we will do our utmost to make sure it is. If at any point during the party you feel threatened or disrespected in any type of way please let us know as soon as possible – we will be wearing reflective armbands and will be dotted around the venue throughout the night.  We’ll do whatever we can to rectify the situation there and then, but if it cannot be resolved instantly, we will make sure this is followed up after the event and make sure the right course of action is taken.
  • Wellness: if you or someone you know is feeling unwell please tell us immediately. There will be no judgement and we can help provide assistance and a private space until you feel better. Please look after yourself and those around you.
  • Staff & Venue: Our safe space policy is extended to the staff working on the night as well as the venue and the neighbouring area itself. Please be respectful and mindful of this at all times.
  • Community tickets: An allocation of £10 (no booking fee) tickets are prioritised for those who identify as trans, non-binary, QTIPOC or on a limited income. They are available on a first-come, first-served honesty basis, and are limited to one ticket per person per event. These tickets are intended to make our events more accessible. Please think about whether you qualify for these tickets before purchasing – and if not, please leave these tickets for those who do. Please email us or DM us on Insta if you require one.