Hold onto your hats everyone! We bring back DVS1 to destroy the White Hotel, along with the hotly-tipped Grace Dahl and MCR fave making big waves, Yant.

As a resident DJ of Berlin’s infamous Berghain / Panorama Bar, he moves floors of the world’s most prestigious and best venues crafting the art of DJing through always being in the mix, pushing his own boundaries and sensitively reacting to the people’s energy. Moulded by massive sound systems composed of walls of speakers, DVS1’s vision of techno is based on the physical power of music.

Yant is gaining a reputation for his young attitude and groove. He has played sets at Tresor, Fold & Village Underground and brings forward thinking productions which are currently being played in the likes of Berghain, Fabric and Bassiani. His debut release ‘Cosmic Borders’ was released on BLACKAXON, label run by Klockworks artist Jay Clarke. In 2019 he joined Setaoc Mass’s SK_Eleven label, releasing the first of its SKX series with the four track Night Shift EP, described as “A relentless 4 track powerhouse of an EP that demands everything from its dancers”.

Hailing from the Netherlands, Grace Dahl finds her inspiration within a lot of old-school UK influences while mainly focussing on the more powerful, straightforward spectrum of techno. She builds tension by adding current industrial touches, leading acid lines and sinister vocals to her otherwise dominating old-school sound. Since the start of 2017 she has been able to present her advanced skill at events such as Soenda, Unpolished, Thuishaven and Verknipt whilst sharing line-ups with countless respected artists in the industry. We look forward to bringing her to Meat Free!

Meat Free presents DVS1 Grace Dahl Yant
Bringing Techno to Manchester. Democratising dancefloors.