We’re back after a mini hiatus to bring you THREE Manchester debuts in the form of Héctor Oaks, Claire Morgan & T A K A. Make sure you join us at the White Hotel!

The Berlin-based Herrensauna and Bassiani resident has been making waves in the international techno sphere with his impactful high-energy sets. We can't wait for him to bring it to Salford!!

Her skills were honed in Australia, but it’s in the techno capital that her formidable style and sharp instincts have come into their own. Shifting gears effortlessly between techno, acid, trance, breakbeat and classic rave, Claire delivers a fluid, fierce and stomping dancefloor experience.

A mix of pure vibrant energy, heated passion and true love for Techno, Taka is the artist behind the dancefloor weapons taken over with her Korg. Her electrical live performances using two Korg EMX-1 spreads powerful energy onto the dance floor, creating rave-like vibes.

Meat Free Manchester Oct 2019 - Hector Oaks, Claire Morgan, TAKA
Bringing Techno to Manchester. Democratising dancefloors.