Arthur Robert

By far one of the most impressive artists I’ve ever met. Insane sound design and mix down skills, his tracks are perfectly crafted on every level possible.

Real minimal maestro.


Just sit and listen.


True funk master, I really dig his drum programming, super tight and driving not to mention his latest EP on Lobster Theremin is mad good and the upcoming one on Mutual Rytm is one of my fav releases of the year.

Nothing but dancefloors killa.

David Mijatovic

Probably the most underrated artist of my list, true master in creating tools tracks, perfect for layers. He deserves way more attention, his bandcamp discography is pure gold.

Nothing but dancefloors killa.


Not much to say, he is just one of the best out there. His releases on Trip are legendary and his all discography is the perfect example of timeless music for every moment, ranging from peaktime rollers to more nostalgic tunes.

Dimi Angelis & Jeroen Search 

I love both of them as single artists but in my opinion when they produce as a duo it’s where the real magic happens.

Love the complex simplicity of their works.


My favourite Italian producer, he has incredible sound design and the tracks textures are just next level.

His works are very DJ – friendly and perfect to layer and bring tension.


One of the most versatile artist out there. Unique ideas perfectly executed  and superbly dance floor effective.

His latest ep on Arsenik is a perfect example of that and the ´Control` tune is just one of my fav tracks ever.


I can’t get enough of certain tracks by him, the way he add tension and anticipation for the drop is truly unique, the build ups and drops are just so smooth and when the kick hits back is just a big ass slap in yo´ face.


Love em both as single artists and dig even more when they cooperate, Vil brings the more funky side of things with Phat Kicks and 909 drums while CRAVO push things further with the synths and eerie atmospheres.

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Bringing Techno to Manchester. Democratising dancefloors.