Nur Jaber – Express Yourself [OSF009]

While playing this track at Leck my Butt for CSD 2022 I felt its power, I could feel this strong women-connected force! This track is made for strong dance floors, the ones I love more!

Rage Therapy – Zoloft [Future Déjà Vu FDV006

My friend Sante defined this track “porn” and it is! Since then everytime I play it, I can feel its sexual potential, I have the feeling the crowd also does!

Knarz a.k.a. Thomas P. Heckmann – Tanzmaschine [Force Inc. Music Works FIM161]

Evergreen, story, pure techno! This track is a must on my dance floor!

Alen Merdan – Stop Raping Goats [Hydraulix Various Artists HYDROVA02]

This track represents for me not only the power of techno to put people together and let them meet but also determination and passion, which lead to the perfect techno sound!

Headroom – Untitled A1 [su:real – 5:9]

This track speaks (or better plays) for itself. The lyrics (from “A Little Game” – The Doors, also used by Gecko in the infamous “Just Close Your Eyes”) brings you immediately in another dimension, what we often call “trip”. This track is a trip!

You can catch Madalba doing her thing alongside Alarico, Kaiser, aalice and Blasha&Allatt at The White Hotel on September 2nd – grab your tickets now!

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