And now some mixes for your listening pleasure!!

// PETER VAN HOESEN (Time to Express)

In the DJ booth he enjoys a confidence born of experience. He not only presents contemporary, room filling and dramatic techno, but can range into house, melodic moments, broken beats and atmosphere-lifting classic 80s/90s vibes. From Berghain and Panorama Bar, to the cult Labyrinth Festival in Japan, to Fabric, Trouw or The Bunker, Peter’s extended sets, often heading into powerfully hypnotising and psychedelic moments, are well known and well respected.” – Tailored Communication

// STEFFI (Dolly / Ostgut Ton)

“I suppose I read the crowd in my own way but I’m definitely not an entertainer. If you’re were to do a poll based on how much DJs interact with the crowd and entertain them I would definitely not be in any top 100, not that that means anything anyway. It sounds so cliched but the music really need to speak for itself.” – Skrufff Interview

// VIRGINIA (Ostgut Ton)

“After having relocated to Berlin she’s been a Panorama Bar resident since 2012. Inspired by the warm analog tracks of the 80s and 90s, her DJ sets combine this sound with modern records in an exciting fusion, layered with spontaneous live vocals adding a unique third dimension. With a careful mixture of peaks and also moments of reduction, she commands attention in her hybrid DJ/live performances.” – Ostgut


“…laden with the crashing snares and off kilter constructions that make their take on the techno blueprint so damn enjoyable…” – Fabric