Red Bull: great with Jagermeister, and strangely awesome now they’ve found their footing in the land of extreme sports and pioneering musical artists. (Oh, and let’s not forget the time they hooked up Felix Baumgartner freefalling from space.)

Over at Red Bull Music Academy, they’ve been doing very good things, and for their latest musical foray over 4 cities (Glasgow, Bristol, London, Manchester) we had the pleasure of teaming up with them! Two things to take note of:

Meat Free on Radio!

That’s right, we broadcast on RBMA Radio on Saturday, 18th April at Soup Kitchen alongside the likes of…

Chunky / Conor Thomas (Boomkat) / Danuka / Glowing Palms / Jon K / Jonny Dub / Krystal Klear / Metrodome / Paleman / Ruf Dug / Swing Ting / Zed Bias…

Link to listen will follow – this was a really good craic!


Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 19.44.51

Let’s not forget Omar S!

FXHE Records boss and Detroit legend Omar-S was playing in Manchester as part of the RBMA tour – it was his first time playing since 2012, and we had the pleasure of supporting him along with Doc Daneeka! The level of output from this Motor City don was something else; thanks to all who came down and danced.

Meat Free Red Bull