Kicking off Meat Free’s 2020 we have some artists we’ve wanted to bring to Manchester for a long time: Thomas P. Heckmann, and Femanyst (Lady Blacktronika)!

“Keyfigure of early and contemporary German Techno, EBM-Techno, Acid, Ambient, Industrial & Experimental music. The man behind Drax, Knarz, Welt In Scherben, Silent Breed, AGE, Exit 100, Electro Nation and many more. Owner of AFU Limited and AFULAB.”

“With a recent EP released on Paula Temple’s ‘Noise Manifesto’ last year, a string of international festival and club appearances, and a frenetic expression of militant techno individuality, Akua Grant sets herself as one of the most unrelenting and innovative artists working in Berlin today.”

Meat Free presents Thomas P Heckmann and Femanyst
Bringing Techno to Manchester. Democratising dancefloors.