Ahead of our 24hr party and imminent release of ‘Identity Crisis’, DJ of dystopia and 5th horseman of the Apocalypse, Matrixxman, lays down his 5 tracks for surviving the end of days.

Plug in, humans, and enjoy the ride.

Vangelis – Pris Meets J.F. Sebastian

Sussan Deyhim & Richard Horowitz – Tear

DJ Takataka – World Ocean

Roy Montogomery – Some Footage Of Dancing That No-One Else Saw

“Don’t believe there is a soundtrack available but the music on this is so haunting and fucks me up every time.”

Matrixxman joins us for our second Vault Sessions collaboration, across 12th & 13th April – if you havent managed to grab a ticket, keep an eye on RA and you might just strike it lucky.

Bringing Techno to Manchester. Democratising dancefloors.