Lady Tazz! We are super excited to finally have you at Meat Free, and we appreciate you taking some time to chat to us – so let’s get into it.

A self-confessed rebel, and a force to be reckoned with. Can you talk us through your musical journey and upbringing, and how it led you to techno today?

Hey Ladies, thank you so much for the invite. I’m so excited to be a part of this.

I was born and raised in Montreal , Canada but my background is Bangladeshi. Growing up in Toronto Deadmau5, Deep Dish and  Manzone & Strong were my icons id sneak in to go watch them play and this was like 18 years ago. 

There was also this Institute ( club) in Toronto called The Guvernment. They had the sickest DJs play every weekend, and the raves would go on for 3 days in a huge complex with so many rooms. It was a legendary place. I feel blessed to have experienced that. Unfortunately it is closed now. My Love for techno started here.

But I think my trip to Berlin 14 years ago with my best friends was what led me wanting to become a DJ. My label Mind Medizin just emerged 2 and a half years ago.

Can you talk to us about your Bangladeshi heritage, and how that unique and rich fusion has influenced your music, as well as your very liberated outlook on life?

Bangladeshi heritage is rich. I’m proud of this . 

The country fought for its independence and it is the only country in the world where its people had to give their lives to save its mother language. 

The music of Bengal includes multiple indigenous musical genres such as Baul, Rabindra Sangeet, Nazrul Geeti and more. But I could relate a lot with the Music of Baul and its outlook on life. It represents a long history of preaching Joy, Love and searching for that mystical union with the Divine.

I can strongly relate to this.

Mind Medizin is described as an extension of your unique world, bringing in music, art, fashion and sexuality – what was your inspiration for this and why was it important to you to build a universe bringing all these elements together?

My inspiration always came from being free and being true to myself.

My sexuality was also a huge driving force. Sexuality itself is a sacred life force  when we allow it to flow freely, it elicits deep feelings of longing , desire and passion. I’m a very passion driven person. I love things fully with my heart or I don’t pursue them. 

Can you give us a sneak peek of what’s coming up for Mind Medizin this year?


I just don’t like to release music. I like to really have a nice design going on, I like mixing certain artists with remixers, this is the fun part. It’s like shopping for your favourite style of music and putting it together. 

This year we have a lot of Bad Boys – DJ Hell , Radio Slave , DJ Rush , Jerome Sydenham and many more.

You talk alot about kink and erotic innocence, can you speak more on how you see the symbiosis between music and sex and how this translates on dancefloors and in the records we hear? 

Kink and erotic innocence, both are powerful. Sexuality is a sacred exchange.

It is a universal life energy that allows us, in full freedom to trust, to energetically express our joy in life and find healing in relationships. It’s crazy how much intellect and energy is used to suppress, hide and redirect it. 

Sexuality is lived free from fear and in mutual respect, it itself is a healing power, and it connects us with the vital and spiritual powers of life. And I’m sure we feel this all on the dancefloor and through music. We all feel connected and safe and there’s a beautiful union.

You’ll be playing for us at our infamous 24hour party, so we were wondering  if you had to be stuck in a lift with anyone for 24hours who would it be? 

My BF . We would probably end up with producing an entire football team after that 24hrs session.

And finally, we ask everyone – what can our crowd expect from you on the 13th April? 

Lots of hip shaking for sure. Thats my vibe all the way

Bringing Techno to Manchester. Democratising dancefloors.