Stanislav Tolkachev is a distinctly elusive character in techno; here’s some things you may or may not have known about him. Don’t forget to turn on your speakers!

And, if you’re around on 1st October, Stanislav will be playing a live set for our Meat Free MORD Records Showcase, alongside Bas Mooy, SHXCXCHCXSH (live), Sleeparchive (live), Tripeo, UVB, Zadig and the Meat Free DJs!




Ok – here we go!

1. Stanislav’s second love is photography, and he’s had several exhibitions of his work around Europe. If you take a look on his website you can browse through 74 of his photos.



2. Stanislav is Ukranian, and arguably one of the biggest techno names from his country. If you’re wondering what it must’ve been like growing up in Ukraine and discovering techno, here’s his take on it: 

“My father used to be a battle plane pilot (now retired), and I was growing up in some kind of ghetto located a few kilometres from the big city, in a so-called military town. We had everything we needed, even a music school, so I haven’t ever been bothered with an existence of the big city nearby. As far as I can recall, I’ve always been drawn to instruments of all kinds – this was either due to my genes, as my parents were really into music themselves, or just because of simple fate, I don’t really know. You never can tell whether it would have been different if I had been brought up in Berlin or Detroit. Nowadays we are lucky enough to witness how the Ukrainian techno history is being created, in the same way as it was in Czech Republic or Poland 10-15 years ago. Those who appeared ready for this will be able to find their own niche as part of this scene.”

3. He’s been producing music seriously for about 16 years – starting up seriously when, as he says “Reason came out around the year 2000.” And, best part, he’s uploaded 64 tracks for free download on his website. 64!

DATA BECKER (Propellerhead) Rebirth One

4. From 2005 – 2010 a lot of his releases were digital. There’s a lot of standout tracks, we recommend Optimizm (2006) and Fifty (2009), along with his album Remine (2009). 

5. If you’ve listened to Phase’s RA Podcast, the opener is a Tolkachev track from 2012. The label Modularz decided to put his track Building Peaks as a B-side on their Developer’s Part 2 12” – Phase was right – it’s a great set opener.

6. 2013 marked Tolkachev’s first solo 12” in his at that point 8 year career on M_Rec. Depth Of Light EP  – give it a listen, it’s awesome. 


7. Speaking of M_Rec, Tolkachev has featured on a number of labels, such as Mike Parker’s Geophone, Gost Instrument and Dasha Rush’s Full Panda. If you’re looking for his progression through a label, try Svreca’s Semantica Records which he released heavily on – Simple as a Miracle (2013), Right Angle (2014) and Walk Along the Bottom (2015). 

As you may have noticed, as James Manning in his review of Simple as a Miracle rightly pointed out:

Tolkachev has a knack for making his music difficult for DJs to mix, even when the clips sound seemingly straight forward.”

8. We haven’t spoken much about mixes – if you’re ready for some mixes, here’s 3 to get you started.

Firstly, the Addicted Podcast – consisting entirely of Stanislav’s own tracks; largely unreleased. And two with some visual perks:

9. For Oscar Mulero’s 3rd album Muscle & Mind he asked Stanislav and SHXCXCHCXSH to work on with him.

“I chose SHXCXCHCXSH and Stanislav Tolkachev to make the remixes, because they both have very different concepts. SHXCXCHCXSH made the remix more physical – for the body and the dance floor. Stanislav Tolkachev is more conceptual and experimental – for the mind.”

10. In an interview back in 2012, Stanislav conjectured:

“To be totally honest with you, I hardly listen to any techno at home at all – I’m trying to develop myself and listen to everything that has some idea behind it. It became easier and faster nowadays, there is no lack of information, online trackers are full of avant-garde discographies ready to be downloaded. Everything is stored at servers, sometimes you don’t even have to grab it – you just know it’s there, and that’s it.”

This may come as no surprise, upon hearing some of Stanislav’s tracks which have a distinctly lighter touch.

“I’m just taking my time. For me personally it evolves pretty naturally, from one inspiration to another. I consider techno an art form, my tool for self-expression or even a relief (in case I’m feeling down) rather than a job.”  





Penned by Lucy Ironmonger of Meat Free.

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