Listen to Alex’s top 5 tracks of the moment! Alex plays our 5th Birthday on Friday 2nd March alongside Ben Sims, Billy Nasty, Alienata, Tasha, Blasha&Allatt and aalice – get the last remaining tickets here! 

Clarence ‘Late Night Approach’ EP | Klakson
Klakson do it again with another EP of high-grade electro, the title track being my personal fave, ‘Primo’ on the flip a close second, but every track is a winner – you can’t go wrong.

Serena Butler ‘Deep Sea Dive’ | Konstrukt 

This amazing 4-track EP, from a newly discovered ‘genderless’ artist who takes their name from a character in the novel Dune, has really turned my head, opening with the lush, emotive title track, followed by ‘Submerged Underworld’ which for my money is the standout cut – a stunning track in a similar vein to some of Function’s more melodic compositions.

Lost Trax ‘The Saturniun System’ | Delsin

I’ve been playing ‘The Sequel’ pretty much non-stop since it’s release on SCSI-AV 8 years ago, but missed out on the title cut that originally came out on the UK’s outstanding Tabernacle Records, and I now have them both, cut on the same piece of wax thanks to Delsin, this is an essential electro EP.


EOD ‘Swurlk’ | bbbbbb
I was tipped off about this record by my good friend and very talented DJ, Leah Floyeurs, who kindly let me play her copy as my closing track at Berghain’s Säule back in October.
The title cut is a lovely, memorable, musical AFX style electro number, contrasted with the deadly driving percussive techno track ‘Swarm’ on the B-side. Great Record.

Luxus Varta ‘Aqaumarine Puzzle’ | Shipwrec

A fairly new artist, I’ve been solidly caning his cosmic track ‘Wenn’ on Oxyd’s Intramuros imprint the past year, and this EP also does the biz – 6 tracks of highly original electro funk pressed onto deep blue vinyl, ‘Tofsy’ and ‘Ukitz’ will be getting the needle damage. Watch out for his forthcoming EP on brokntoys due imminently.

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