Ahead of his Meat Free debut, CEM of Berlin’s infamous Herrensauna parties drops his top 5 tracks of the moment! 

Ani – Love Is The Messsage (Prescription Dub) I recently stumbled upon this track again. I love Prescription Records and this track sets the mood for a sultry night.

Shiver – Phobos This one has some cool drum programming in my opinion. It gives me heavy detroit vibes with alot of groove.

D Livin – Why I’ve been obsessed with this one for some time now. Every time i hear this it makes me move instinctively. I found this on one of my endless youtube loop sessions. Produced in 92, an early jungle/breaks predecessor.

MAS 2008  – I see youKiller electro by the german duo MAS 2008. The vocal sample is quite haunting.

V.R. Volvox – Explosa! My friend Antonio brought this home a few months ago. I had never heard of this artist or the label before so it was surprising to hear this. Its an early trance record which has the right amount of energy and doesnt sound too cheesy.

CEM joins us on Friday October 5th with DVS1 and Eris Drew for a mega night at the White Hotel.



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