Ahead of her Meat Free debut, Dr Rubinstein lays down her top 5 tracks of the moment…

Voiron – Hardcore I love how ravey and groovy this track sounds without a kick or prominent bassline, its a perfect track to start a festival set.

Textasy – I’m the needle Another super groovy, bad ass track with an awesome vocal sample that makes me want to dance every time I hear it. It came out on Craigie Knowes – one of my favourite labels at the moment. 

Doms & Deykers  – Sweet Sanctuary This is my favorite track of 2018 thus far, so beautiful and sad at the same time. I used to listen to this kind of music a lot when I lived in Tel Aviv and this track makes me feel so nostalgic every time I hear it.

Rolando Simmons – Marriage Acid A super interesting tack with so many different elements that change quickly and interact with each other while still creating a beautiful harmony. Wait for the bass after 2:30

Blind Observatory – The Long Tomorrow ii I am a big fan of Blind Observatory’s productions, this is his first release this year and it sounds so melodic and so dreamy. I am in love with the vocal sample too.

Dr Rubinstein joins us on Friday 13th July at Soup Kitchen, join the FB event here and get your tickets from Resident Advisor!

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