Matilda Skelton Mace is an artist that you’re going to become very familiar with at our 20 Years of Blueprint Records event on April 16th, so we thought we’d introduce you beforehand.

She’s a London-based artist and designer, who works with the building blocks of reality: space, light, and geometric form. She’s also a recent graduate of the MA Computational Arts course at Goldsmiths, with her computational light installations spanning galleries, nightclubs and festivals.

This year she is working with promoters including Gottwood, Inverted Audio and Universe of Tang. Oh, and us!

Now what you need to know is Matilda’s got skills.

R i d i c u l o u s  skills.

Skills which we’re going to utilise whole-heartedly for our 20 Years of Blueprint Records event. Prepare to be aurally and visually stunned.

(thanks to Inverted Audio for the following images)



Her live visual sets focus on data-bending and exploring human and machine movement to produce psychedelic, rhythmic imagery.


SERIOUS!! Projection mapping at its finest.

credit- inverted audio-1

credit- inverted audio-3

credit - inverted audio-2

Yep, get ready for a visual mind-bender alongside Regis, James Ruskin and Luke Slater in Room 1, courtesy of Matilda Skelton Mace!


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