Last in our blog series ahead of our 5th Birthday, we have Tasha! Hailing from London, she’s responsible for the Neighbourhood parties and record label, is a firm fav on Radar Radio and is an all round babe. We highly recommend checking out her mixes on soundcloud; we’re looking forward to her b2b2b with Blasha & Allatt! If you haven’t bought a ticket yet, it’s your last chance!!


Kamikaze Space Programme – Scram – MORD

Kamikaze Space Programme is a good friend and his tunes are consistently dope, hence why I released his music on Neighbourhood! This one has proper sick energy! A big weighty roller, I love a good roller! I’m def gonna draw for this at the Meat Free party!

(Listen from 10:08 into this for Scram – the whole EP is excellent tho – purchase here).

Paleman – Paranoid Loop – Paleman

Paleman’s new tunes are pleasing me greatly at the moment, every tune he sends me is deep, dark and wonderful! A bit like his radio show, sounds like they’re from the trenches haha! But this one is really doing it for me, been caning it for some time, love it! [purchase here]

Henning Baer – Burning Chrome – Manhigh

From Henning’s fantastic LP, this one has a proper slick groove to it, it gets engrained in my head and induces a real fluid hip movement haha it’s a naughty one! [purchase here]

Deniro – Don Dino – Trip

What a don of a tune this is, again really rolling, with nice heavy rides, such a great groove, I can get a real neat and timely head nod going to this! I was a bit late to the party with this whole LP, it’s very decent indeed. [purchase here]

Pinch – ahh fff sss – Swamp 81

This is a bit of a surprising one I guess in the sense it’s not strictly techno but ey, it really grabbed me, nice grimey vibes, solid production, I’m into it! [purchase here]

Bonus track (don’t think it’s out yet – don’t think you’ll find a YouTube link to it like)

Assailants – Effort 8 – Obscurity is Infinite

A new project from Ben Sims & Truncate, the whole EP is banging, real nice fusion of the two’s styles, the tune’s a real rave rumbler, lovely stuff!

> No play link, but you can keep an eye on it on Ben Sim’s RA charts! 


Catch Tasha, Ben Sims, Billy Nasty, Alex Downey and Alienata for our Meat Free 5th birthday @ the White Hotel, on Friday 2nd March 2018. Tickets here.

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