Meat Free resident aalice kicks off our new monthly KMAH show with an interview from Myler, listen in from 42:30! We look forward to hearing Myler play for Meat Free on October 6th at the White Hotel, if you haven’t already make sure to grab a ticket!


You’re in Berlin today. Do you want to give us a bit of insight into why you’re over there?

So basically I just came over on a big mad long holiday. I am planning to move here at some time next year so I’m trying to scope it out a little bit for that. Just basically partying and seeing friends. I had loads of plans when I came over to get the studio with Ansome and whoever else but that kinda doesn’t really happen necessarily. I’m just finding myself doing a lot of partying, scoping out flats and stuff – I’m gonna be here for maybe another week or so and I’m back home then. So that’s basically it, home soon now!

And why not, you’re getting inspiration I guess.

Yes why not – I’m over here doing ‘Research’!

Aside from the partying and friends, obviously Berlin has got some of the best record shops in the world. Have you picked up anything over there that people are gonna star hearing in your upcoming shows?

Yeah I was in, I really like Space Hall, it has a really nice selection and it’s not just solely techno either. And even there techno selection is really nice. Recently I’ve started playing a lot of old pacey techno and alot of early jungle and hardcore stuff. Space Hall has a range of it. Now the only problem is it’s very fucking expensive, they know what they have and they know what to be charging for it. I just picked up a few Thomas Krome records, yeah just a couple of old jungle records, that was about it. As I said I’m over here for a long long time so I’m trying to budget as well! I kept it tight but picked up a couple of really nice bits.

A couple of souvenirs.

That’s it haha!

A lot of people who know you through DSNT – tell us a bit more about how that all came about.

Well the man behind DSNT Oisin reached out to me maybe 4 years ago, just after I’d put out my 5th release. He reached out and after a bit of talking I met him at a gig and he invited me up for a sneaky allnighter rave to play with with Sunil Sharpe, which was a really nice introduction to DSNT. That was really nice. I love all the DSNT lads. Belfast is almost like a second home to me now. The crowds up there are amazing. I couldn’t of really got in with a better crowd. The DSNT lads are really smashing things at the moment.

They just come at it from all angles.

They do, they really do. Oisin really has his head screwed on. I’m exceptionally lucky to land in with them and become some sort of resident or whatever you’d call it. Yeah, I’m really happy, I love the DSNT lads.

They’re a lot of fun, I recently played for them on the banger stage at AVA festival. I was playing quite early so I think ‘Ok I’ll see what it’s like’ – went down, 2pm in the day everyone was absolutely raving it out. I don’t know why I expected anything less.

AVA, that was a really good day as well, it was amazing.

So one of things DSNT is into at the minute is the rave tapes. What’s the story behind that? And the name Cider and Bonfires is just brilliant, I need to know where that came from!

So basically the rave tapes – I really wanted to do an edit of Signum ‘Coming On Strong’, I was after again the vocal and I was trying to work it into a track. I approached Oisin and asked him ‘what are the chances I’d get away with releasing it copyright-wise?’ And he was like ‘Why don’t we just start giving them away for free?’ So after a little while of working on different ones and seeing what suited best I put together 3 or 4 of them and Oisin just started putting them out on the DSNT Soundcloud page. And then from there it just grew, like Joe Farr and Rebekah are on board now. So yeah I think we’re going to keep it going as a series. So yeah, really really delighted with how it’s been received. It was a happy accident basically how it came about.

As these things tend to be!

Yes yes! The Cider and Bonfires thing – basically once again, just getting a little bit ged up with how everyone was taking the scene so seriously, and techno was this big untouchable kinda.. I was just getting really fed up of it. So once again one night talking to Oisin on Fb, ‘I miss the days when we were just drinking cans of cider around bonfires’ you know, just old tracks, you know what I mean, when stuff gets too serious and you just want fun. So that’s basically where it came out of. I started playing sets like that from then on. It was a breath of fresh air, I was kinda getting a little bit fed up with playing the same – it was great but ever everyone was just playing the same music.

And I know a lot of people like Ansome and Oisin and Bas Mooy even themselves like, there’s a lot of DJs all playing the same stuff night after night, they’re all playing the same thing and then you have to be worried then if you have a tracklist and like 5 of the tracks have already been played – it just starts becoming a bit monotonous and I just thought to myself why not just start go back to the roots and playing the old thing and it turned out to be a bit more fun, so that’s where it came from!

I can tell you If you don’t like taking it too seriously you’re going to have a really good time at Meat Free!

That’s the sort of thing I like to hear!

It’s the same ethos as we have. The glitter and the inflatables, it doesn’t really fit with people’s idea of techno but it just gives people a chance to let loose.

Exactly – it doesn’t a reason for people to brush off their week. There’s no need to be so serious in a nightclub.

Definitely no chin strokers at Meat Free!

That’s good to hear!

Just coming on to Meat Free, we’re super excited to bring you to Manchester for what will be our second Mord Records Showcase – with Bas and this time Paul Birken. What can the crowd expect from you?

Well, at the moment I’m playing hard, energetic fun music, nothing too serious. Just old, pacey techno and maybe one or two old hard house records, and stuff like that. Not chinstrokey! I’m really looking forward to it, to seeing what the scene is like in Manchester. I haven’t actually partied in Manchester yet so I’m looking forward to getting over and seeing what that’s like.

It will be a baptism of fire I can promise you that. Haha. Just finally before you go, what else is coming up for you after your Berlin holiday?

Definitely going to be working on some more rave tapes for DSNT. I have some ones in the works that I want to finish up and put out. I’m going to be working very closely over the DSNT lads over next few months – a lot of gigs, a lot of Lumen gigs, a lot of worskhops, production workshops in Belfast. I have an EP dropping just before Christmas, maybe in the next 2 months as long as nothing gets delayed. That should be dropping soon. Just trying to really get back into DJing – really enjoying DJing lately so I was to get back into the art of that. Not step away from production but just spend a bit more time DJing. So yeah, that’s basically it for now!

Enjoy the next couple of weeks in Berlin, we’ll see you very soon!


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