You say you’re from a background of drums and percussion, citing your father as one of your biggest inspirations. How did his influence first take hold and what are his thoughts on your productions? 

Well my dad introduced me to drums and hand percussion from a young age, around 7 years old i think.. He was a professional drummer and i think his love for music genetically passed over, because i became obsessed with rhythm and music from such an early stage. I wouldn’t pin my love for rhythm only to this influence, however, having that musical grounding helped open up another path to explore when getting into music production. It was another tool in my production arsenal that could help add some depth into my music. Honestly, I dont think he really understands the music i make.. different generation.. but he definitely enjoys the groove, which is the main aspect! A good rhythm is something anyone can enjoy, its primal human instinct.

Tell us some more about the process in which you create music, how do you get yourself into the zone?

I’m quite spontaneous in when i decide to make music. I’m not constantly writing new ideas, for better or worse; I need to really feel inspired to go full force in the studio. I also dont like to have too many unfinished projects sitting around, it tends to distract and overwhelm me. I’m more the type to start a track and spend 3 days straight working until it sounds nearly finished; Then i will spend the next week and days listening and making small adjustments. If i have a very intense, inspired week in the studio, i usually need a couple weeks to regenerate my creative juices. I mentally feel drained after consecutive days in the studio and it makes it nice to have a small break afterwards. You feel like you’ve earned it.

We saw recently you went b2b with MARRØN at the last Erste Communie party. How was that for you both? If there was anyone else you’d consider doing this with, who would that be?

Yep, we finally got round to doing it after many failed attempts due to covid cancellations, but it was fantastic!  Our styles merged extremely well and the whole set felt effortless to play. I never felt like i needed to re-adjust the energy or change what i wanted to play. We both discussed the idea of a B2B for a while but never had the intention of making it a regular occurrence, hence why we performed our first one at Eerste Communie. There was no debate about the first time being anywhere other than Eerste Communie; thats our home. Furthermore, we want to keep it as a special occasion thing and not get into a trend of playing B2B everywhere. We are both solo DJs, first and foremost. And who else i could see myself doing it with? Hmmm…Off the top of my head, DVS1 and Rodhad. Ill keep my fingers crossed for the future haha!

If you could change one thing about the current state of electronic music culture, what would it be?

The obsession of social media. Unfortunately, a lot of artists feel pressured into conforming with this idea that your artistic worth is based off your social media presence. Likes and follows are meaningless and wont be what people remember you for. Social media can be a fantastic tool when used correctly. It gives you a platform to keep in touch with fans, friends and colleagues but your key focus should always be what you do behind the screen! Its also the responsibility of promoters to look past the superficial image of an artists social media and focus on the actual substance; which is music, skill and talent.

Outside of your music career, what else are you passionate about and have an interest in?

My life really is completely revolved around music and its hard to switch out of that sometimes. But when i put music to the side, my primary passion & hobbies revolve around analog photography, cooking and eating good food. I will admit, i make an incredible Carbonara! I think cooking and analog photography can be related to writing music in a lot of ways. Its very easy to make analogies when comparing the processes of either things..

There has been such a burst of new talent landing on to the scene post lockdown. Are there any artists, venues or promoters you’re really excited about at the moment?

Yeah it’s quite crazy how much new talent has arisen over the past 2 years… There’s honestly too many to list, so i wont put emphasis on names specifically but i think it’s a very positive moment for the scene. Lots of artists and promoters are bringing the focus back to pure, rhythmic techno, which is the sound thats always been around since the birth of this genre. But like with any resurgence, the quantity of music rises but the quality can also drop.. But more often than not, the new stuff im hearing is great and you can tell the artists have the right vision and intention behind what they’re making, so I’m all for it!

Being from The UK yourself, what’s your perspective on the UK electronic music scene in comparison to everywhere else?

The UK has always been a boiling pot for incredible music and it defined a lot of our urban culture. Electronic music (not only techno) became a significant part of history in the UK and theres not many places in the world that portrayed that level of appreciation & passion towards this music when it first came about. I still sense a lot of that devotion in the UK when i come back to play. Especially in cities like Manchester for example.

You’re now based in Portugal. Are these new surroundings influencing the way you approach making music?

Honestly, I’m not sure how much my surroundings influence the music i make… I love the experience of living somewhere completely different but when I’m in the studio, in front of my machines and computer, my mind feels like it’s in the same place, regardless of where I am in the world. 

What does the rest of 2022 look like for you? Are there any exciting upcoming projects we can look forward to seeing down the line?

Right now im just enjoying the freedom we have again and being on the road so often. Having the opportunity to travel and play music every weekend still feels surreal…  Ive also got a small amount of music coming out this year which im very excited for but cant give away too many details yet!…

This will be your second time in Manchester when you play for Meat Free…a question we always ask our guests, what can we expect from your set at The White Hotel?

Good rhythms, from start to finish! I’ve never been to white hotel but the stories I’ve heard are amazing! I’m ready to go full force and cannot wait! See you all soon <3

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