Ahead of our first party post-pandemic, we had a chat with the formidable The Lady Machine

Thanks so much for taking the time to talk to us today, we are super excited to welcome you to Manchester for our first post-lockdown party!

Thanks for having me – I cannot wait to be at Meat Free, I heard so many good things!

1. You’re originally from Brazil and have talked about how you were drawn to the European techno scene (and of course the mecca Berlin where you now live). Can you give us an insight into the impact on the once close-knit music community there over lockdown?

The same thing as basically everywhere – clubs, nightlife all shut down. It is not that much different here compared to most places in Europe. If anything, the restrictions are a bit heavier. Especially now, clubs still remain closed and only open air events up to 500 people can happen with a test or vaccine for entry. Masks have to be worn at all times too. The scene and people are still here though, its very much alive. Some things are starting to happen but I do not think we have seen the aftermath or the end of it all yet.

2. Whilst the music stopped, a lot happened in the industry over the pandemic. From the “plague raves” to greater accountability and some brilliant initiatives such as the B.A.D. came about – what do you think we have learned, or what do you hope might change for the better in the future?

I just hope we try to interact better with each other and learn to deal with each others differences better as well. I think the pandemic has, in my view, created more of a divide in the scene rather than bringing everyone closer together. Saying that though, I see a lot of producers working closely together which is something the pandemic accelerated. This is a really positive thing for sure and I hope to see many more collaborations happening from now onwards.

3. On a positive note, no matter where in the world, the dancefloor is a special place – which dancefloor did you miss most and why?

I miss all dancefloors to be honest but I miss the Pornceptual dancefloor the most. Simply because this is the party I am resident at and, quite frankly, the dancefloor there is a very unique experience. The energy is always soaring like nowhere else.

4. Did you find anything new or surprising about about a yourself during the pandemic – or discover any new talents / hobbies?

Does becoming a crazy cat mother count? 🙂

5. Back to the music, you are a resident at Pornceptual and run your own label Unterwegs Records, as well as DJing across the world – how do you juggle and balance the different elements of your career?

If you have the passion for all those things then it just comes naturally and I do not have to to think too much about it. Managing time and making sure things get done and being organized are traits that of course help.

6.Often we ask people about their early influences, but can you tell us about some of the up and coming artists that are influencing you today – any hot tips for our readers?

The pandemic helped a lot of very good emerging artists to be heard. That’s a very optimistic thing to happen in these times where gigs are still uncertain. Kameliia, Decka, J.S.Park, Slight Function, Amanda Mussi, Dinamite, Rich Griffin, Other Form, Inoxx Trax, ASEC – these artists have been making formidable dancefloor music so go and check them out!

7. We are sure you are as excited as us to get Pornceptual up and running again, what is your vision for the party’s future as we finally get back into clubs?

Definitely – there are some open air events planned for this summer and if everything goes to plan hopefully clubs could still open this year. It would be amazing to get back to the Pornceptual basement!

8.And the same for the label, what’s in the pipeline that you can get our readers excited for?

The next Unterwegs record is coming out in August-September this year, not far from now! I am very excited to present it soon to you. A few more things are aligned for the label so watch our channels 😉

9. We read the hilarious interview you did for Heeboo – and we had to ask, what happened with the record bag dog….

Someone mistakened my record bag as a dog.. haha! Not sure how someone got that mixed up to be honest but I guess all things are possible?!

10. And finally, what can the eager dancers of Manchester expect from you on 24th July?

They can definitely expect that I am also very eager to play… cannot wait!

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