Only 1 week until God Rave the Queen !! So a big thanks to Phara for getting us in the mood with his Top 5 producer tips...


A Brussels connection. Friend for years, amazing producer and a true wizard when it comes to mixing and mastering.
He had always been a big fan of the deeper techno stuff until he suddenly decided to push the bpms in his productions. Ever since all of the tracks he has been sending me have blown me away.
With an EP on Non Series and after his first appearance with Cirkle on a Token Fuga compilation a few weeks ago, there will be a lot more exciting stuff coming up for him in the next months.
Keep an eye on this guy.


Pure, stripped, raw, melodic. You name it, this guy does it all in a very classy way.
Together with Kuf, he runs Arsenik, which probably is one of my favorite labels nowadays.
One of the very rare ones where you would buy a record without even listening to it, because you just know it will be quality stuff.


Best Dutch export product since Steve Rachmad.
I'm a sucker for chordy melodic and groovy tracks which might be a good description of just a small part of what this guy's capable of.


Another Dutchie, that's right. A very rare bried as he only produces and doesn't DJ.
I've been following this guy for a few years now and have always loved his take on techno. Groove, loopy with some spacey soundscapes and perfect buildups and breakdowns.
When I'm playing a dj set there is always a Troy track in my set and now that I think about it, I still play Yokai (released on Key Vinyl in March 2021) in basically all my sets.

The Lady Machine

With tons of experience, an exquisite taste in music and a lot of skills, she is probably one of the best 12" DJ's in the game these days.
All this knowledge combined with a shared passion for hardware synths and drumcomputers, you get a smacking four to the floor sound with very interesting and hypnotic synthlines.
Besides being a big fan of her work and skills, she is a great and strong person where I can have endless conversations about records, gear and life with.

Don't miss Phara's live set this 2nd (technically 3rd) June at The White Hotel for Part 2 of our epic God Rave the Queen party!

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