Join us for what is set to be a massive night of techno at the White Hotel! 11pm until 7am, we’ll be partying hard with Kobosil (Ostgut Ton), Martyn Hare (Emetic Records), Tom Long, and Meat Free DJs Blasha & Allatt and Alice Woods. It’s a bring your own booze event too, tickets won’t stick around for long so make sure you..:



Now onto some things you may or may not know about one of Ostgut Ton’s youngest residents, Kobosil.

1 – Max Kobosil was born in 1991! Born, raised, and based in Berlin however, which explains a lot. Get this mix of his on, and read on.

2 – Kobosil from age 18 (October 2009 to be specific) was a religious, week-in week-out Berghain attender.
“My first time at Berghain was a life changer, but it’s not all about the sound – every weekend there are a thousand people all with different approaches and they are celebrating a kind of ritual together, this is what I think is really impressive. Exploring the music in this perfect setting confirmed my early ideas about how I wanted to produce and develop my own sound.” Truants Blog


3 – His interview with RA pieces together how he got to be a resident at Berghain by 24. It started by bumping into nd_Baumecker at the ice cream bar in Berghain, and asking him if he’d listen to his tracks. He soon after received an email saying “Hey! Interesting stuff, I know where you want to go, I can hear it, let’s stay in contact.”From here they became fast friends, and ended up often listening to tracks back at Baumecker’s with Baumecker’s husband Jenus.


4 – Towards the end of 2012, Kobosil had the balls to drop out of an audio engineering degree, just months before his graduation. He knew it was the right time to start prioritising his music – turns out it was.


5 – 2013 was big year for Kobosil, he was just 22. It’s the year Kobosil got his first big break, with nd_Baumecker asking him to release his track Silo. Luck was on his side, as this opportunity only came up because one of the commissioned remixers failed to meet their deadline, so it was passed to him.

6 – Kobosil runs his own label, RK3, which also launched in June 2013. With this, he dropped an EP (of the same name). Of the limited release number, Marcel Dettman was one to pick up a copy, and ask Kobosil to release on MDR.

7 – How did Kobosil get his first gig at Berghain? Luck was on his side a second time – Ryan Elliott pulled out of his slot at short notice, and Kobosil being at the right place at the right time, was offered a 2pm – 5pm slot to play to a packed dancefloor.
“The set was three hours, but it felt like it was over in ten minutes.” RA
8 – If you want to get a flavour of Kobosil’s production, have a listen to his EP ’91’ released in November 2015, which was considered “an intense and gloomy four-tracker that many rank among Ostgut Ton’s finest EPs of recent times.” XLR8R

9 – And, if you want to be really wowwed by how far Kobosil has come by age 24, you need only listen to his full-length, 11 track LP ‘We Grow, You Decline’ which he released on Ostgut Ton in May 2016. It’s full of twists and turns, we recommend Forced Breakdown for an honest breakdown of the tracks.
“Meandering, brittle harmonies first introduced to the Kobosil sound with “Avernian” on his 2015 91 EP find their way into “The Living Ritual,” topped with his trademark kick drum, alienated percussion, and a beguiling synth layer toward the end.”

10 – In an interview with XLR8R Kobosil admits he has to be “‘very selective’ about where he plays.
“I am fortunate enough to have a clever, intelligent following who appreciate what I am trying to do, but if I begin chasing the money and playing big festivals with the wrong crowds, then this will change very quickly.”
Come and see him at Meat Free on February 3rd to see him with the right crowd!



Photo ref: Sven Marquardt
Photo ref: http://www.stevebraiden.com/kobosil-max-graef–diego-krause-for-rbma
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