Objekt is 1 of the 5 artists playing for our 20 Years of Blueprint Records on April 16th. Here’s a spotlight on him, looking at the music typifying his career so far & the mixes we can’t do without. His music, in his own words:

“adventures in machine music built to make subs rattle and feet wiggle; a convoluted mess of elektrology and teknology, 3-step, bass-core, post windmill, proto-minimal wankstep, gondola, shithouse, acid wonk, no more, no less. constructed by TJ Hertz in Berlin”

… and in Angus Finlayson’s words he’s “in an ever escalating arms race with his own discography”.…. Let’s explore a bit more!

Objekt #2

Let’s travel back to 2011. CLR Recovery: 9 and half minutes of awesome, through a 3 and a half minute quagmire of synthetic bleeps climaxing to a crushing beat. Yes. Please.

Objekt Boiler Room

It’s 1hr 38 that you’ll be having on repeat, we promise. Objekt’s ability to control the mood of the room is unquestionable, taking it up to 11 in the second half. Tracklist included in the comments, give it a listen.


Resident Advisor gave Objekt’s album (released on PAN) a 4.5/5 – which in RA’s terms is really damned good. Some say it eclipses Aphex Twin’s Syro – we’ll leave you to be the judge of that. 

“Sound design plays the role of a lead instrument on Flatland. Though incredibly vivid, the sonic palette is thoroughly artificial—aside from a single drum roll on “Dogma,” nothing here recalls any instrument in the material world (even most of the drums seem barely suited to that term). As you listen, the mind’s eye might conjure up a white laboratory, devoid of human life but whirring with activity—motors spinning, machines pivoting, screens flickering…Hertz is not exactly a techno producer, but neither is he an experimental artist—it seems his ultimate goal is always, if not club utility, then a thrilling visceral reaction, often one that will make you want to move.”


A 2014 release alongside Dopplereffekt –  Objekt’s track Ganzfeld is “something like DJ Stingray in a step-off with Optical, all angular geometrics and moody blue pads…” Say no more!

We can’t wait for Objekt to play for our 20 Years of Blueprint event on April 16th  – we expect scary, subby, twisted things!


Bringing Techno to Manchester. Democratising dancefloors.