Firstly, thanks for taking the time to answer some questions – we’re super excited to have you at Meat Free on 4th November. You’ll be playing B2B for this one with Cravo – these B2B sets have been setting booths on fire, from a personal perspective what is it about your partnership that works so well?

Basically our partnership is all about friendship and trust. We’re friends since 2014 and we spent a lot of time together at the studio.We really understand each other and being studio partners helps a lot too.

Not just a dynamic duo on the decks, you’ve released some killer EPs together – is writing and producing a natural extension of the B2Bs or have you found the process different?

In our case, production came first, but I can say that it is an extension of our production nowadays. No liveact planned, so our live music expression is while we play b2b.

Can you give us a little insight into your own production process, where and how are you inspired? 

My production method is pretty simple. I use mostly audio, some vst for fx and synth work. I record my loops, then I do everything in the arrangement mode.  I get inspiration from everywhere, from my musical roots to record digging, talking about music with close friends.

You’re also both co-founders of Hayes – which you describe as, “an artistic collective, record label, and curator, promoting art as a fundamental element of cultural incorporation and critical thought” – can you talk us through how this has developed since its beginnings and what you hope for its future?

Hayes was founded in 2018 and at the time there were parties around and we felt the need to have more unity as djs. I remember talking with Temudo, Cravo and Vasco to start something around 2017, and things just came naturally. We are best friends, sharing the same taste of music. What could go wrong?

For the future… I’m pretty happy with the present so I would like to keep things as they are. Maybe more label nights. Let’s see 🙂

It’s an incredible line-up of DJs and producers – more a movement than a collective, can you describe what makes it feel so special to be part of?

That’s a hard question, …… as things came naturally and we are all friends, it’s not work. We push each other to the fullest, to give the best we can. We are always sharing and having meetings to check where each one of us is. It’s kinda like a family. 

Thinking about your own journey, it was 2015 when you released your debut EP and the world was a very different place! What advice would you give to aspiring DJs and producers in today’s electronic landscape?

First, don’t rush, if you work hard things will come. Spend as max time as you can at the studio. music production it’s the best catapult for a dj career. Get inspired by other styles of music. I think that’s one of the best moves to create your signature sound.

Post-pandemic and in the midst of some very turbulent political and economic times, the music industry can feel tough for DJs, promoters and ravers alike – what do you do in your spare time to unwind and make sure you’re taking care of yourself?

I take time to myself during the week. I travel to the south of Portugal whenever I can, my wife has roots there. During the winter it’s very peaceful, lot’s of Nature, beaches  and sightseeing. Go to different styles of music concerts, cinema, art exhibition, new restaurants and dine out with friends.

Is there any style of music that you love to listen to on your downtime that might surprise readers? Who’s that guilty pleasure?!

I’m a Central and South American music lover, like salva, bossa nova, rumba, cumbia. and I love hip-hop, jazz, soul, funk , metal. i’m a super eclectic person thanks to my dad and my older cousin and recently my wife. 

From guilty pleasures to filthy pleasures! You’ve got some VERY exciting gigs coming up, including Meat Free 😉 and of course, Berghain – but what are some of your most treasured dancefloor memories? Do you have a favourite club or crowd to play to?

Three of my most treasured memories are, first playing at Lux Fragil, Forte Festival and industrial Copera most recently. My Favorite club is Gare Porto for sure, there’s no better crowd like the northern Portuguese ravers.

Finally, it’s what we ask everyone! What can Salford expect from you on 4th November?

I’ll definitely bring some funky stuff, and loads of heat from Lisbon haha

Vil plays B2B with CRAVO on Friday 4th November at The White Hotel, alongside Rebecca Delle Piane, Blasha&Allatt and aalice.

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