Robert Hood/ Floorplan

I think that Robert Hood has an unique style, unmistakable, so is at the top of my list.

Especially with his Floorplan project he menages to give me positive and energetic vibes like no one until now. It’s always present in my gigs playlist! 

This will always remain one of my favourite tunes

Stef Mendesidis

Fast, mesmerizing and incisive, his style is unmistakable too. Really loved Stef’s productions since I started. His tunes always make me move or feel something different, a kind of dark energy, cavernous and groovy at the same time,

The Secret Agent’s blunder and Stalker are definitely my favourites.


I know Gianluca and I think he is one of the best producers of our era. He always knows how to create good rhythms and at the same time he also knows how to keep you hypnotized. Rude but delicate at the same time, I love all of his tracks but ‘Bring Me So High’ keeps me always high.


I have recently discovered the productions of this guy and I immediately thought ‘Wow, really a** shaking’!

Really curious to hear all his future projects, meanwhile, his latest Ep on Mutual Rhythm won me over.


Last but not least, another groove dealer with a ‘capital’ G.  He really makes me dance ( and I don’t dance easily).

Another one of the best producers/ dj’s of today for me.

Bringing Techno to Manchester. Democratising dancefloors.