INTERVIEW: Fred P [Black Jazz Consortium]

who will be bringing the vibes all the way from New York (and Berlin) on Friday, October 2nd, alongside Ben Sims and DJ Bone. Book your ticket now! 

Fred P DJing
Your music is so incredibly emotive and immersive for the listener – how does it feel when you release music and send those personal emotions and feelings out into the public domain? 

It’s a honor and privilege to be able to share the music on this level. I do my best to express myself as honestly as possible. That way the real shines through. Any other way you would hear the difference. You have to live what you do.

From ‘Come This Far’ to, ‘New Horizon’ compared to, ‘Splitting Particles’ and ‘String Theory’ – the titles of your tracks are really intriguing. You seem to almost flit between science and spirituality, is this true of your inspiration or are we reading too much into them?

For me spirituality and science are one in the same. Therefore the titles are references to the things that interest me.

Quantum physics, the study of dark matter these things are being studied as we speak. It’s worth while to have a understanding of theses concepts as it will play a role in the future.

When asked ‘how many hours a week do you spend working’ you replied ‘all of them’, yet you come across as incredibly peaceful not only in interviews, but in the music you put out. Are we missing something, what’s your secret?  

I feel very fortunate I love what I do. I am very excited to grow in this way of being. There is no secrect about it, this is where I make sense in the world, so I am just believing it and living it, doing it and growing.

We hear you on your love of Ableton, we’re converts too. Do you have a go-to production technique, a secret weapon piece of studio gear, or an approach to mixdown that you find consolidates your sound? 

Ableton is great it allows me to get my ideas out quickly and easily. My production technique is no technique really every track is its own in the moment.

What I can say is no matter the DAW, your ears are your best tool.


Come see Fred P play for us on Friday, October 2nd, alongside Ben Sims and DJ Bone.


You’re a New-York Native now residing in Berlin, have you been able to integrate well into the German way of life? And do you think living there enables you to be more creative than being back home? 

Berlin is a amazing place I have been traveling here for some years, therefore it is familiar to me. However it is a new way of life that am still learning about. Being here has given me more creative space for that I am absolutely grateful.

Berlin is plentiful when it comes to record shops, where do you choose to shop and why? Or do you prefer to do most of your record buying online?

I do both online and I go to shops. Any shop selling new music is a good shop  in my opinion. I like them all as I come from the era of records stores in NYC. It’s nice to have your choice of different shop that cover different genres.

Fred P crate digging


Jus Ed took you under his wing and showed you the ropes of the house music industry, Levon Vincent did the same type of thing last year when he offered The Terriers the chance to partake in a three-month “bootcamp” offering advice and providing them with the means to focus solely on their own productions. Is this something you would also like to do,  or something you have already been doing?

I started a sub label called BOARDS which highlights new talented producers. It’s something I feel passionate about as I know a lot of young budding producers wanting to share their music. Artist like: Jordan, Cem Orlow and Naoki Shinohara to name a few. These guys have went on to start their own labels and record some great imprints so in that way I hope I helped to fuel some desire to take it further.

Finally, we love the innovative use of your d’.’b smiley! Have you ever thought of getting this released as an official emoticon?! 

I put it on a tee as part of my modest tee shirt line but I never gave any thought to that idea perhaps I should have a look into that. Thanks….

FACT mix 411 – Fred P (Aug ’15) by Fact Mix Archive on Mixcloud

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Ben Sims, Fred P, DJ Bone, Meat Free! October 2nd 2015 at Hidden.


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