1) Danny, thank you so much for coming and playing at Meat Free last month, we are only just about recovered. We’ve had nothing but amazing feedback! What did you think to Manchester this time around?

Well I can only say nothing but positive feedback too, the crowd was really quite something.


2) Do you go into a gig knowing exactly what vibe you are going for or is a lot of it done on the fly?

Yeah both a bit,some tracks are quite structured based on released songs and other tracks are completely done on the fly, chaos ensuing.then it gets out of control quick in either a bad or good way.


3) We’ve noticed you regularly posting free sample packs and what not to help and encourage other electronic music producers (and most recently your ‘Smackos tape smudge X’ plug in for Ableton. DL here http://www.legowelt.com ) if you weren’t doing music full time, would you be teaching it? or maybe an actor….

No I couldn’t really teach,…what would I teach? I don’t think you can school electronic music, people should learn that themselves, its rock’n roll you don’t go to school for that, it should be rebellious does that makes sense.

An actor? Haven’t you seen how bad Relics of The Past  is haha


4) ..Which leads us onto the next question… Relics of the Past we love it!! Who’s idea was it and when can we expect episode 2?!

It kinda just happened, me and willie burns are always making movies or doing strange projects, we didn’t write a script or anything just started shooting and it kind of randomly came together. A second episode is planned but I don’t know when we film it, its difficult to get our schedules synced to do it…Willie lives in New York and Dj Overdose in Rotterdam but we have been collecting weird items and ideas we can do in the movie…and we got a new camera too!


5) What are your other interests besides music?

proto & pseudo science, sorcery, programming obsolete computers, Ufology & Exobiology, lasers, tropical islands, dark forests, barren deserts.


6) When you’re not playing live, you play records…which 3 rarely leave your bag?

Right now: Voiski – From Sea to Sea, Drexciya – Aquabahn and Alien Rain’s Alienated one of those not exactly sure which it is.



7) ..and finally are we allowed to ask why you’re called Legowelt?

No particular reason it was just thought up in the 90s and now I am stuck with it

It means world of Lego in german, I really don’t have anything interesting to say about it I could make something up but I won’t to spare the reader any pretentious talk.




Check out the photos from Legowelt’s Meat Free debut here

Bringing Techno to Manchester. Democratising dancefloors.